What Can You Do After a Communications Hack?

Cyberattacks, like many crimes, don’t get real until they affect you.

Even then, people often roll along after a hacked email account is recovered because it’s just easier. But lawyers can’t do that with client communications.

That’s a real problem, so what are you going to do about it?

Check Your Toolbox

It’s not easy to fess up to being hacked. In fact, it’s so difficult, you’ll probably regret not having taken more precautions. Minimally, you’ll want to let clients know how you’ll prevent future hacks.

In a newly released book, authors Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell say you have to check what’s in your toolbox. “The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together” offers alternatives for secure communications.

Cloud based case management tools “now offer secure client portals as part of their standard services,” they write. These cloud-based portals give clients access to:

  • bills
  • documents
  • secure messages
  • tasks
  • calendars

“Because many lawyers are already using online practice management tools, it makes sense to look here first for client portal options,” the authors say. And if you already have a client portal at your disposal, but collecting dust, you have to ask yourself: Why aren’t you using it?

It’s Not Easy

Nicole Black, writing for Above the Law, says it’s not easy choosing the right tools to collaborate with clients and counsel.

“But the time spent will pay off in the long run, since the collaboration choices you make today will necessarily impact your firm down the road,” she says. But what she doesn’t say is that choosing your tools is a lot easier than dealing with recovering from a hack.

And with hackers virtually everywhere, secure communication is a law practice necessity.

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