UK Spy Agencies Warn Power Companies To Brace For Crippling Russian Cyberattack

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Fucking false flag us, jews. PLEASE FUCKING DO IT. A prolonged power outage is EXACTLY what we need to begin the race war, and the race war is the only thing that will ever save civilization.

All it would take to completely shut down the communications in an entire city is a normal flathead screwdriver, a pair of wire cutters, and a small flathead screwdriver. Maybe a pair of bolt cutters to get rid of padlocks.

Fiber optic is the easiest to sabotage. Just bend it until you hear a crack and congratulations, you just fucked up a mile and a half of fiber. It will take them at least a day to figure out what the problem is and where it is, and if you snap the fiber right in the middle of a run they can’t  just undo an expansion loop and cut off the damaged section. They have to order the right fiber (different sizes are used), cut it to the right length, and hire a subcontractor to do an emergency job to install the new fiber, which is typically an all day job. Once they’re done, a splicer comes in to splice the new fiber into the network. At the very least, if you damage a fiber line, you’re looking at two or three days where that line and everyone “downstream” of it has no service, plus tens of thousands of dollars in expense replacing it. Breaking the fiber near the “can” that it goes into is easy to fix. They just undo an expansion loop, stretch out the fiber, cut off the damaged section, and splice it. One day of work, max. Always break fiber in the middle of a run.

Telephone and cable TV/Internet? Just open up the tap, use the small screwdriver to back out the contact screws, and close the tap up. With the screws backed out, the cable isn’t making contact and loses signal. They will spend all fucking day trying to figure out what the problem is (note that they will know exactly where it is) until someone thinks to tighten the screws or just replaces the entire tap. This is nothing serious, but it’s something that could be easily and quickly done over and over again to knock out service to a large area.

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Power supply cabinets? Use the big screwdriver to open the bicycle lock mechanism, then just unscrew the batteries and unplug them. If you really wanted to do some damage, cut off the padlock, open up the fuse panel, turn the fuse upside down, close it, and put a new padlock on it. Alternatively, just set off some homemade thermite on top of the cabinet, slightly off center (away from the end with the fuse panel) and it will damage the repeater, batteries, and cabinet to the extent that they’ll have to replace the whole thing, which is an all day job.

And no, most places like major airports, hospitals, military bases, etc. do not have redundant communications lines. They get cable TV/phone/Internet from a single provider, and that provider runs a single set of lines into whatever place they’re serving. One man with basic tools could be driving all over a major city and completely destroy its communications if he knew where to cut off the nodes. Just back out some screws, snip some connectors, and you just cut off all communications except cell phones and radios.

Cell phones are shut down by cutting the fiber line that goes into the cell tower. Or you can take out the tower by shooting the transceivers with a high-powered rifle.

Radio is easy to knock out, too. Build a spark gap generator, plug it into a power supply somewhere, and walk away. It’s broadband and it will keep transmitting on every frequency, jamming the signal within its radius. Set up a bunch of these all over town and nobody is communicating via radio: not police, military, fire department, nor EMS. It’ll jam cell phones, too. Yes, they’ll triangulate their positions (especially if the military gets involved, which is why you need multiple jammers) and get rid of them, but that takes time, especially the first time it happens when nobody has any idea what is going on or whose responsibility it is to fix it.

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Half a dozen guys can, in a single day, completely disrupt communications in a major city and cause millions of dollars of damage and lost revenue with basic tools and spend noting more than the gas they use to drive around. A couple hundred bucks at most if they build a couple dozen spark gap jammers to plant. People have absolutely no idea how vulnerable our communications infrastructure is. And you know the government’s plan for defending said infrastructure? Hope nobody realizes how vulnerable it is. No, seriously. That’s the extent of their plan to prevent massive sabotage. Hope people are too stupid to realize how easy it is.

Obama doesn’t need to shut down the Internet entirely. He just needs to block access to common folk. Wall Street and major corporations will still get service. You’ll get a 502 error. So much business is done online that shutting down a city’s Internet for a day would cause millions of dollars of lost revenue, easily. Not to mention cost tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) in expenses for the cable providers because they have to pay for replacement cable and fiber, hire contractors to install them (and pay emergency job rates), and pay their own employees massive overtime (they’re all union) to splice everything in once the contractors replace the cable/fiber etc. You could very easily rack up tens of millions of dollars in a single day. Do it to something like New York City and you’d run into billions.

And while you’re shutting down communications, why not shut down transportation, too? Use a burner phone and call in bomb threats for major bridges, highway overpasses, etc. They’ll shut down the roads, cops scramble to search for bombs, jam traffic for people being detoured, etc. And the gridlock makes it harder for police/fire to get where they need to go, especially once comms are down. Want to shut down an airport? Call in a bomb threat there, too. They’ll ground planes for hours. Fire an improvised mortar onto the tarmac; you don’t need live rounds. Smoke bombs or duds filled with sand will be treated the same. No planes in, no planes out until the bomb squad handles every single one. And if they’re stuck in gridlock across town because they were investigating a bomb threat on an overpass and no one can get a hold of them because the phones and radios are down, that’s an entire airport shut down for an entire day.

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Half a dozen guys, tops, could shut down an entire city to the tune of hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, without hurting a single person or causing any permanent damage. And there is absolutely no plan in place to deal with this other than hoping nobody actually does it. The vulnerabilities of our infrastructure and the shittiness of its security is inexcusable. We really need to be building some redundancy into the system, upgrading our infrastructure, and working out an actual plan for defending it, or else the Russians, Chinese, or Wolverines are going to fuck everyone’s shit up with near impunity.

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