Twitter Suspends Black Conservative For Changing NYT Bigot’s Tweets From “White” To “Jewish” And “Black”

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Aldo Nova- Ziobots live a Fantasy Life.

It was a know fact in the South the Jews were the ancient snake people before 1963. It’s interesting that a Jewish hit man for the Las Vegas Jewish mafia was arrested in Dallas and released. It’s amazing no one has said this. He was photographed as he was being released from jail in Dallas. He was the shooter from the building next to Dallas school book depository. In the back of that building is the Dallas Holocaust Museum. Considering the Jews have so much of our money, why do they use this old building?,-…

211 N Record St #100, Dallas, TX 75202

And after this, the South went Zionist Christians, and it was said the Jews will help keep the blacks down. It happened right in front of my face.

In the South, Thomas Jefferson brought books from England. One of those books had printing dates all the way back to the 17 hundreds. It became required study in the South. It was required to be memorized.

When I ran CIA cab, a Behavior Research Laboratory, I picked up a wealthy Southern Bell from Houston from the Austin Four Seasons. She was about the same age as I am now. I said Ma’am in my most southern aristocracy accent of the Old South. I said ma’am can I ask you a question? She said yes. I said Ma’am do you remember the book about the ancient snake people. She said yes I remember. Then we discussed it. Later, I said, I think we’ve forgotten about the ancient snake people. She said yes, and our people have been harmed.

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Another woman from North Carolina, older than me, I asked the same question. She said the same and quoted from the first line of the book. “Whoa be the generation who forget about the ancient snake people.”

At UT Austin, there is a special library. It is the library of ancient books. I spent nearly ten years in the university over seven at UT Austin. I would read in that library. Many things I teach here came from that Library. I’ve had an incredible memory all of my life, so I’m kind of lucky in a way to remember all this.

The library today is an extremely controlled access library. The name of the ancient library is the Harry Ransom center. 

I do not care if a Ziobot believes or not, in many libraries the story about the Khazars, and it was in many Libraries, some books were from 100 to 150 years ago are no longer available. I did a search nationwide using a library search system. The statistical probability of all the books explaining the Jews are the Khazars are missing is impossible by accident. And there were plenty of books by Jews too calling themselves the Khazars are gone.

It’s the same as when people get too close to the Clintons they’re killed. That’s impossible to be random chance. It means the Clinton gang is having people killed. period. And I made an “A” in all statistics classes, I liked statistics, it became a foundation of pure objective reality.

Then I began counter intelligence operations. I began to watch who was controlling key libraries. At the Harry Ranson center on a visit to Dr. Louis his aid was a Jewish woman. She even said something about give Israel a chance to me. Why? I don’t know. She didn’t look like what we think of white Jews, she was a full blooded Gypsy. And I’ve done a study of the Gypsies previously, she was a carbon copy.

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I wrote before there are over 124 kinds of Jews.

Books are removed to erase the past.

In the Dallas mission, which I drove a CIA cab, not for Behavior Research, that was completed for the cataloging of each and every mind in this nation. And as a platform for telling what’s behind the curtain. I’ve written about the mission before on ZH platform.

The Dallas mission was a study of the JFK event and how it related to the change in the South. I can promise beyond a shadow of doubt in my mind, the Jews killed Kennedy.

Back during this time, the mafia families controlled over 120 cities. Each city had a mafia family of either Sicilian or Jewish. It was from the era of prohibition. They were still operational and strong during the 60’s.

The FBI under Hoover worked with them not against them. The FBI didn’t start going after the mafia until after the death of Hoover. The FBI went after the Sicilians not the Jews, why? because the FBI were the Masons and worked with the Jews. A method of the Masons is to do it in your face and this is for their members to show they’re in control. The same method is used by the Jews, an example is the Holocaust Museum located in an old building which was the building used to kill Kennedy. Go look at the photo of jail release of he Jewish mafia hit man, no one had the sense to ask why was a Jewish hit man in Dallas at the location of the killing of Kennedy?

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Youtube had a video from old news reels from local Dallas stations, I reviewed it in Dallas for the research project, these news reels had never been released. I reviewed it and began to write essays, the Youtube video was removed. If you would have seen it, then you would be jumping up and down like me. It was THE smoking gun. So like the missing books, is like the missing truth, the Khazar gypsies remove the past so they can control the future.

I’m tired now, so I must stop, see Ziobots who have sold out our nation, think of it this way, you’re living a delusion like in the Twilight Zone, while I’ve been in the Outer Limits all of my life, so it’s real easy for me to see.

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