“It’s Going To Blow Up On Them”: Giuliani Says Mueller’s Team In Deep Trouble

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Here’s a partial timeline:



Sep/15                  Washington Free Beacon retains FusionGPS for oppo-research on Trump.

Spring/16             WFB drops oppo-research project, with Fusion GPS,  DNC/HRCC picks

                                project up, money washed through Perkins Coie/Marc Elias

Apr28/16             NSA (Rogers) bans FBI ‘private contractors’ from access to NSA database

                                (Daniel Richman-Comey’s leak-buddy, Shearer+Blumenthal?  FusionGPS?).

                                Based on audit by FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer (released Apr26/17).

May/16                                FusionGPS hires Nellie Ohr, wife of DD DOJ for organized crime Bruce Ohr.

10May/16            Papadopoulos meets Australian ambassador, Clinton Foundation sponsor

                                Alexander Downer in “Kenwood Wine Room” in London

MidJul/16            State Dept/John Winer gives Chris Steele dossier2 received from Clinton

                                operatives Shearer+Blumenthal.  Victoria Nuland, Elizabeth Dibble also

                                get copies.

Jul06/16               FBI/Comey vindicate HRC, Agent Strzok lead the case.

Jul/16                    Steele gives dossier to FBI agent in Rome

Jul31/16               FBI initiates investigation of Carter Page (former FBI informer

                                in Russian banker sting)

Aug15/16             FBI agents Strzok+Page discuss “insurance policy” in Andy’s office.

Sep/16                  Steele comes to WDC, offering dossier to WaPo, NYT,CNN, New Yorker  &

                                Yahoo, in violation of FBI orders.  Only Yahoo/Isakoff takes the bait.

Mid-Oct/16         Clapper/ODNI + Carter/DOD lobby POTUS to fire Adm. Rogers/NSA

Oct21/16              FISA warrant issued on Carter Page, based almost completely on dossier.

                                Surveillance of Trump tower begins.

Nov01/16            FBI terminates relation with “CHS” Steele.

Nov08/16            Trump elected.

Nov17/16            GCHQ/Robert Hannigan writes FM Boris Johnson that there is request from

                                Susan Rice to extend Aug28/16 five eyes warrant on floors 5+26 Trump Tower,

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                                Referred to as operation “Fullsome” (by-passing US civil rights protections??)

Nov18/16            Rogers/NSA meets Trump in Trump Tower

Nov19/16            Trump moves transition team to Bedminster Golf Club

Nov22/16            DD DOJ Bruce Ohr (wife at FusionGPS), begins extensive unauthorized contact

                                on behalf of FBI with Steele, resulting in 12 FBI302’s from 11/22/16-05/17/17.

Dec09/16             Never-Trumper Sen. McCain (R-AZ) sends David Kremer to London to meet

                                With Steele, get copy of dossier, McCain turns it over to FBI.

Jan03/17              Ranking democrat Diane Feinstein (D-CA) resigns from Senate Intelligence (SSCI). 

                                Her staffer Dan Jones raises $50 mil for FusionGPS – for Russian interference research.

                                Replaced by Mark Warner (D-VA).

Jan09/17              Buzzfeed publishes the dossier, other press outlets follow.

Jan11/17              ODNI/Clapper makes official statement “IC has not made any judgement that

                                the information is reliable.”  Nobody knows info is already basis of FISA warrant.

Jan21/17              FBI agent Strzok+unknown interview Flynn

Jan23/17              GCHQ/Robert Hannigan resigns.

Feb01/17             Leaks of SIGINT starts, Trump=Australian PM, Flynn=Russian Amb. Kislyak, etc.

Feb14/17             Flynn resigns

Mar01/17            AG Sessions recuses

Mar16/17            DD FBI McCabe fired.

Mar30/17            Mark Warner of SSCI tries to establish backdoor contact with Russian oligarch Oleg

                                Deripaska and Steele via Deripaska’s rep Adam Waldman.

May16/17            DAG Rosenstein appoints Mueller SC

Jun06/18              SSCI staffer James Wolfe arrested for disclosing top secret info to lover NYT reporter.




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