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8 Reasons to Become a Homeowner 1

Photo by sirtravelalot / Buying a home can be a financial challenge, but for many people it’s one of the best ways to accumulate wealth over time. In addition to offering possible tax advantages, homes build equity. If you… Continue Reading…


7 Reasons Why Pets Make Bad Gifts 2

They’re cute, cuddly and known for their ability to make us happy with their mere presence. So how could any animal be considered a bad surprise gift, especially during the holidays? Following are some key reasons why Fido shouldn’t be… Continue Reading…


11 Great Freebies You Can Grab Before the End of the Year 3

file404 / December is here, which means it’s your last chance to take advantage of fabulous freebies in 2018. Don’t worry: We’ll be here to help spark your savings in the new year. But for now, learn how you… Continue Reading…


Skin Care: How to Save and When to Splurge 4

Beauty may be only skin deep, but achieving it can plumb the depths of your bank account. Do you really need to shell out big bucks to get results? Read on to find out when budget beauty products work just… Continue Reading…


9 Foolish Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Next Airplane Flight 5

Photo by PR Image Factory / Airplane travel is a fact of modern life. Some flights are more uncomfortable than others, and long-distance flights can be especially taxing. If you are among travelers taking to the skies for the… Continue Reading…


5 Grocery Store Chains That Offer Free Prescription Drugs 6

Photo by Syda Productions / What’s the best way to save money on medications? Get them for free, of course. It’s easier than you might think, at least for certain meds. Some grocery store chains offer free prescription drug… Continue Reading…


Social Security Q&A: What’s the Best Claiming Strategy for a Couple? 7

Photo by Ruslan Guzov / Welcome to “Social Security Q&A.” You ask a Social Security question, and our guest expert provides the answer. You can learn how to ask a question of your own below. And if you would… Continue Reading…


How to Discover If Crooks Have Opened Bank Accounts in Your Name 8

Photo by fizkes / Regularly checking credit reports helps keep them clean, which is the key to a strong credit score. Experts urge consumers to monitor credit reports so they can catch identity thieves who open fraudulent credit card… Continue Reading…


31 Retailers With Free Shipping — No Matter How Little You Spend 9

Photo by Creative Caliph / ‘Tis the season for free shipping. Whether you plan to purchase gifts in coming weeks, or simply want to shop for yourself — now, or at any time during the year — scores of… Continue Reading…


7 Great Reasons Not to Move After You Retire 10

Ruslan Guzov / Retirement is supposed to be a time when people move to Florida to sip drinks on the beach, or settle in Arizona to play endless rounds of golf. But in reality, a huge percentage of Americans… Continue Reading…

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