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4 tough (but common) interview questions you should master 1

So you’ve crafted a winning resume … … written an amazing cover letter … … and you might have gotten a little ahead of yourself and started clearing out your desk. Your hard work has paid off though, because you’ve nailed an… Continue Reading…


When to Push, When to Quit 3

Imagine this: You set out writing a novel by the end of the year. You have your daily word count goal. You know exactly how your plot is going to go. And you set aside time at the beginning of… Continue Reading…


5 factors that helped these readers successfully boost their salary over $5,000 5

There’s a lot at stake when you walk through your boss’s door to start the “talk.” You know the one: negotiating more money. That single conversation is too important for you to just blindly walk in and hope that it… Continue Reading…


These 6 People Modified the Debt Snowball Method to Pay Off $171K 7

There are two main approaches to paying off debt: the debt snowball and the debt avalanche. With the avalanche method, you put your debts in order from the highest interest rate to the lowest one. Then you pay them off… Continue Reading…


Being a Baseball Umpire Is a Fun Way to Earn Extra Money 8

Steve Banks can’t get any closer to the action, standing in the line of fire calling balls and strikes as a high school baseball umpire. “It’s the best seat in the house,” says Banks, 45, who has officiated at games… Continue Reading…


How to Get Paid to Support Renewable Energy in PA 9

Do you live in Pennsylvania? Could you use 40 bucks? Sure you could! It doesn’t matter where in the Keystone State you live — Philly or Pittsburgh or Scranton or anywhere else. We’ve got a way for you to bank… Continue Reading…


How One Family Handles the Costs of Raising a Special Needs Child 11

On a late November afternoon, Vicki Fouche heats up slices of frozen pizza in the toaster oven for lunch. Her daughter Hannah, 10, waits at the dining room table in their Ocala, Florida, home. Hannah has challenges eating on her… Continue Reading…


7 Tips If Your Business Is Strapped for Cash 12

It is perhaps inevitable that almost every business will at some point or another find themselves short of cash. Being low on funds can, of course, be immensely stressful and hindering your business’ growth. There are many ways in which… Continue Reading…


Shipping Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Leverage for Success 13

Entrepreneurial ventures and shipping, whether sending or receiving, go hand-in-hand. Especially if your entrepreneur startup is within the ecommerce or online retail space. For example, ecommerce sales estimates are nearly $700 billion for 2022. That is a lot of profit… Continue Reading…


3 Powerful Tips to Help You When It Comes to Finding the Job of Your Dreams 14

We all love the idea of having a career which is really doing something we love but getting paid for it, but so many of us settle for less and never get up and go to try and make our… Continue Reading…

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