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10 Items Under $20 That Keep Your Car Clean and Organized


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Driving to work every day, taking weekend trips to the country, making last-minute runs to Walmart — we spend a lot of our lives in cars.

As a result, the interior of that jalopy can get awfully messy. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to keep your car clean and clutter-free.

In fact, we’ve rounded up 10 products to help put your vehicular mess to rest — and the average cost is just $13.48!

1. Portable car trash can

Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash CanZone Tech / Amazon

Rid your ride of tissues, wrappers and other rubbish with this space-saving, full-capacity trash can. The Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can ($8.75) is made of premium-quality materials. The leak-proof can also doubles as a storage for clothes, toys and other items. It can be attached to the headrest with an included string hook.

2. Laptop/eating wheel desk

Cutequeen Black Car Laptop/Eating Wheel DeskCutequeen /

If you ever have to pull over to work or eat, this ergonomic steering wheel desk will make life a whole lot easier! The Cutequeen Black Car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk ($11.99) hooks onto your steering wheel in seconds and stows away easily in your back seat pocket when not in use.

The ingenious auto desk is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to support your notepad, laptop and lunch. It even includes a cup holder.

3. Car air purifier

FRiEQ Car Air PurifierFRiEQ / Amazon

Breathe easy with this compact vehicle ionizer. The FRiEQ Car Air Purifier ($15.99) “releases 4.8 million negative ions per cm³ in your car for massive odor-fighting power,” according to the manufacturer.

Perfect for those with allergies and asthma, the pint-sized purifier eliminates unwanted smells, dust, pollen, smoke and more. Airborne bacteria won’t be hitching any rides in the future!

4. Magnetic air vent phone holder

Bestrix Magnetic Phone HolderBestrix / Amazon

Keep your phone or mini tablet within easy reach while driving, thanks to this super-strong magnetic holder. Unlike many plastic cradles, the Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder ($16.99) is an elegant device that withstands bumps in the road and allows seamless 360-degree rotation with just one hand. It is compatible with air vent straight blades (horizontal/vertical) that are more than 2.5 inches wide.

5. Headrest hooks

Ofspower Ofspower 4-Pack Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hooks / Amazon

Want to “turn wasted space into storage space” for purses, backpacks, grocery bags, umbrellas, water bottles and more? The Ofspower 4-Pack of Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hooks ($6.99) is easy to install and simple to remove. You won’t even have to take off the headrests!

6. Ultimate dash duster

Relentless Drive Ultimate Dash DusterRelentless Drive / Amazon

Don’t let a dusty dashboard distract you while driving. The Relentless Drive Ultimate Dash Duster ($12.99) is a must-have microfiber multi-purpose duster that can clean it quickly — while you’re sitting at a traffic light — and efficiently.

It’s small enough to store in your glove box and has an unbreakable comfort handle. Just think of how much money you’ll save on disposable car wipes!

7. Glove box organizer

High Road Glove Box OrganizerHigh Road / Amazon

Store auto receipts, coupons, documents, manuals and more with the High Road Glove Box Organizer ($8.99). This accordion-style organizer fits comfortably in your glove box. It includes seven expanding compartments for files — with pre-printed file tab inserts — and two card slots for rewards cards and roadside assistance cards.

The durable polyester construction will protect your papers from crushing and moisture, and a convenient car service log is included.

8. Car seat gap filler

Drop Stop Original Patented Car Seat Gap FillerDrop Stop / Amazon

Fill in the gap between your car seats and your center console with the Drop Stop Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler ($19.99). According to the manufacturer, this innovative product “prevents keys, phones, change, jewelry, makeup, bottle caps, pens, gum and more” from falling into this potentially hazardous area. That way, you can keep your eyes and hands where they belong while you’re driving — on the road and on the wheel.

Made of high-grade black neoprene, the device fits the gap most vehicles and blends seamlessly with any interior.

9. Auto trunk organizer

KangoKids Auto Trunk OrganizerKangoKids / Amazon

Is your trunk full of junk? Get organized with this durable, foldable storage solution! The KangoKids Auto Trunk Organizer ($13.65) includes adjustable straps to fit all headrests and four deep mesh pockets to hold all your car accessories, sports gear, toys and other items.

10. Pet car seat protector

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Slip-Resistant Pet Car Seat ProtectorGorilla Grip / Amazon

Attention pet owners! Defend your ride from “scratches, debris, drool, muddy paws and pesky pet hair” with this clever Gorilla Grip Original Durable Slip-Resistant Pet Car Seat Protector ($18.49). Designed to fit most cars and SUVs, the slip-resistant, waterproof pad is easy to install and clean. It even comes with a no-hassle guarantee.

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